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Self Care Oil Bundle

Self Care Oil Bundle


Just the thing for a self care lover.


This beautiful self care bundle comes with the perfect set of essential oil blends for the self care lover including four beautiful essential oil blends with a handcrafted wooden stand.


Included in this little self care box are:

- Detox Essential Oil Roller
- Manifest Essential Oil Roller
- Calm Essential Oil Roller
- Gratitude Essential Oil Roller
- x4 Essential Oil Roller Wooden Stand


manifest. essential oil blend is your go-to for believing in yourself and manifesting your dreams.^

Apply: to pressure points and breathe in while repeating your positive affirmation to the universe.


calm. essential oil blend assists with reducing stress and anxiety by creating a tranquil feeling and calming the mind and body.

Inhale the positive. Exhale the negative.

Apply: to pulse points, back of the neck and inhale deeply when stressed or anxious for a sense of calm.


gratitude. essential oil blend allows us to focus and practice gratitude, turning what we have into enough.

Apply: to pressure points and inhale deeply focusing on what we have and knowing it’s enough.


detox. essential oil blend assists with easing digestion and providing an internal cleanse to your body.

Apply: to the stomach to ease digestion, before flying or in need of an internal cleanse.


All of our Self Care Boxes are packaged in a recyclable cardboard gift box which is filled with water dissolvable and compostable packaging peanuts, compostable wood wool (if you don't have a composter, this and the packaging peanuts can also be placed in to your green bin).


This beautifully gift wrapped self care box is finished off with twine and a seeded paper thank you card is included, which is made of handmade seeded paper that you can plant following your purchase and flowers will bloom.


A complementary kraft paper heart gift tag and stunning wax seal is included and you can also add on the gift card of your choice to include a gift message.