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Rose Cacao Chai Tea

Kintonik Rose Cacao Chai Tea | Loose Leaf Grounding Blend


500ml Amber Glass Jar | 65 Serves of Loose Leaf Tea


Sit back and relax with our grounding Rose Cacao Chai (caffeine free). A delicious, warming combination of botanicals, that calms the mind and turns your focus inward with its distinct cardamom aroma, surrounded by hints of honeybush, cacao and rose. This uplifting blend supports healthy digestive function and gently balances your mood. Delicious in water or milk. 


Supportive Of

~ Balance, Stress & Energy

~ Healthy Digestive Function

~ Blood Sugar Regulation

~ Hormone Balance

~ Skin Health


Available in two sizes:

- 500ml Amber Glass Jar | 65 Serves of Loose Leaf Tea

- 175ml Amber Glass Jar | 25 Serves of Loose Leaf Tea

Key Botanicals

Honeybush | Cyclopia intermedia

Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants, honeybush can assist the regulation of blood sugar levels, relieve menopausal symptoms, regulate menstrual cycles, increase cardiovascular health, protect bone health, and fight against free radicals. Antispasmodic and antiviral, this sweet tea supports healthy cholesterol levels, balances stress, and assists with weight loss.

Cacao | Theobroma cacao

Anti-aging, high in antioxidants and minerals, cacao is a free radical fighter that boosts serotonin and mental clarity. Its cardiovascular benefits can reduce risk of stroke and heart attack and regulate blood pressure. Supportive of emotional wellbeing, skin health, energy, weight loss and liver detoxification.

Cardamom | Ellettaria cardamomum

Cardamom has been traditionally used to support digestion, oral hygiene, sore throats, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and the common cold. This warming spice promotes blood circulation, aids in weight loss, enhances libido and supports emotional wellbeing

Star Anise | Illicium verum

Rich in antioxidants, antifungal and antibacterial properties, star anise supports colic, gas, digestive upset, respiratory infections, rheumatism and back pain. Its emotional balancing properties can provide relief from anxiety and stress, uplift the mind and body, and may also provide mild pain relief.

Rose | Rosa spp.

This delicate and fragrant flower is rich in volatile oils, polyphenols, and vitamin C, making it an excellent free radical fighter. The petals are mildly sedative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic. A nourishing and supportive tonic for the heart, liver, intestinal tract and muscles. 

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Certified Organic: Honeybush, Cacao, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cardamom, Ginger, Fennel + Rose. Naturally Caffeine Free.