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Palo Santo Water

Osun Sparkling Palo Santo Water


Beautiful hydration.


Sugar Free. Botanically Infused. Positively Charged.


Lightly Sparkling Palo Santo Water with 24 hour immersion of positively charged Smoky Quartz crystal.


Palo Santo water is also used to aid digestion, support meditation and energetic protection.


During the brewing process, spring water is filtered through smoky quartz crystals to invite in stillness and grounding. It is then lightly carbonated to add a little fizz to your lips. The taste is refreshing and smoky.


Sit in your comfy chair, pour it into a beautiful glass and sip often with intention.


Sugar free


Gluten free

Cruelty free

Beauty full


(Local and imported): Carbonated filtered water, palo santo water, American oak extract and natural colours.


Made in Australia with at least 98% Australian ingredients.