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Mineral Mask Kit

A purifying mineral face mask kit for sensitive, dry or oily skin.


A Little Self Care Purify Mineral Mask is made up of 100% pure Kaolin White Clay Powder and is gently detoxifying mask suitable for most skin types.


This kit comes with everything that you need to mix, apply and use your face mask at a discounted price.


Our Mineral Mask Kit includes:
- 40g test tube of Purify Mineral Mask 
- Ceramic mixing bowl
- Vegan Face mask brush
- Wooden measuring scoop
50mL Jojoba Oil
- Bamboo Velvet Reusable Face Wipes

Packaged in a 100% cotton bag.

Previously purchased our Mineral Mask Kit but have run out of the Mineral Mask Powder or Jojoba Oil? These can be purchased separately via the following links:
- Mineral Mask Powder Refill Bag
- Jojoba Oil

Natural | Sustainable | Cruelty Free | Australian Made | Vegan Friendly


Directions: Add one heaped teaspoon or scoop of Kaolin White Clay Powder to the face mask mixing bowl then add a few drops of Jojoba Oil (optional) plus small splashes of water and mix until it reaches a paste like consistency. Use face mask brush to apply to face and leave on for 5-15 minutes or until dry around the edges. Wash off with a Bamboo Velvet Reusable Face Round and water then moisturise with Jojoba Oil.


Store in a cool, dark place and avoid getting wet as this will turn the powder to a paste. Test prior to use. In the event of reaction consult your medical practitioner.


Our Mineral Mask Kit includes:
- 40g test tube of Purify Mineral Mask 
- Ceramic mixing bowl
- Vegan Face mask brush
- Wooden measuring scoop
50mL Jojoba Oil
- Bamboo Velvet Reusable Face Wipes


Kaolin White Clay Powder.

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Lauren Johns

Beautiful, high quality products + professional & friendly service. Speedy reply times and shipping. Cannot recommend more highly! Emily is a delight.