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A Little Self Care Mama Self Care Box is for the mamas and mamas-to-be.


Included in this little self care box are:


- Kintonik Mama Milk Loose Leaf Tea
- Latara Ceramics Rainbow Moon Mug
- Cle Naturals Belly Oil
- Cle Naturals Mama Essential Oil Roller
- Cle Naturals Morning Essential Oil Roller
- Cle Naturals Milky Essential Oil Roller

- Planet Cocoa 58% Cherry, Hazelnut Chocolate

Add on a card or gift tag for the perfect present:

- Cardboard A Little Self Care Card
- Cardboard Heart Gift Tag
- Seeded Paper Heart Gift Tag
- Seeded Paper Circle Gift Tag


For the mamas and mamas-to-be. 

Apply your Essential Oil Roller of choice to pressure points, back of the neck and along the spine as needed for clarity and positivity.

Brew your Kintonik Mama Milk Loose Leaf Tea in your Rainbow Mug and enjoy with your chocolate. Best sipped and snacked on while relaxing to a meditation or 'A Little Self Care - Bloom' Spotify music playlist.


All of our A Little Self Care Boxes are packaging in a recyclable cardboard box which is filled with water dissolvable or compostable packaging peanuts, compostable wood wool (if you don't have a composter this and the packaging peanuts can also be placed in to your green bin). This beautifully gift wrapped self care box is finished off with twine and included is a seeded paper thank you card which is made of handmade seeded paper that you can plant following your purchase and flowers will bloom.


Add on a card or gift tag for the perfect present.