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Luna Tumbler

Latara Ceramics Luna Tumbler


Stoneware, sandy beige, tumbler with a mini embossed GOLD lustre moon. The perfect gift for someone in need of a little sparkle throughout their day. 


They are finished with a shiny clear glaze to show off their natural clay body.


We only have minimal stock of this beautiful ceramic so shop now to avoid missing out! Restocks can take 8-12 weeks.


Every item is hand thrown in a small studio which means they are 100% one of a kind. Please expect some variations in size and shape. This is why handmade ceramics are so beautiful. 


They roughly measure 100mm (h) x 83mm (w).


Recommended for hand wash only as the gold lustre decoration is quite delicate. Please avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures and take care when storing. 

Perfectly Imperfect

Hand thrown ceramics are not perfect. They reflect how they were created and bear the marks of their maker. Slight differences in size, colour and shape are to be expected which is why handmade is so beautiful and unique.