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Hibiscus Mint Tea

Kintonik Hibiscus Mint Loose Leaf Tea


Created to refresh, energise and restore vitality to the body, Hibiscus Mint is the perfect brew for a coffee alternative pickup. Uplifting properties of peppermint, combined with hibiscus and rose, restore vibrance and mental clarity, while soothing the digestive system and supporting blood circulation.



Supportive Of

~ Skin, Hair & Immune Health

~ Cognitive Function & Energy

~ Digestive, Blood, Heart & Liver Health

~ Healthy Metabolism & Circulation


Available in two sizes:

- 500ml Amber Glass Jar | 65 Serves of Loose Leaf Tea

- 175ml Amber Glass Jar | 25 Serves of Loose Leaf Tea

Key Botanicals

Peppermint | Mentha piperita

High in volatile oils, vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids, peppermint has been used since ancient times. Traditionally used to fight off viral infections with its antimicrobial and decongestant properties, peppermint is also a known stimulant that supports mental clarity and physical energy levels. Nourishing and calmative to the nervous system, this aromatic herb can reduce muscle tension, spasms, anxiety and headaches. Its antispasmodic properties can ease stomach upset and promote healthy digestive function. 

Hibiscus | Hibiscus sabdariffa

Rich in vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants, hibiscus has been traditionally used to strengthen the immune system, fight infections, alleviate congestion and reduce inflammatory conditions. It has been shown to support cardiovascular health, promote blood circulation, reduce fluid retention and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Regular consumption of hibiscus tea can restore healthy skin and hair, increase metabolism, support gradual weight loss and restore vital energy levels.

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Certified Organic: Hibiscus, Peppermint and Red Rose Petals. Naturally Caffeine Free.