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Dark, Rocky Road Vegan Chocolate

Planet Cocoa 60% Dark, Rocky Road Vegan Chocolate


Dark chocolate rocky road block with raspberry liquorice, vanilla marshmallows, roasted macadamias and crushed waffle cone. waffle cone!? Yep, the best bit of an ice cream is always the waffle cone, especially if it’s chocolate dipped.


Contains gluten & nuts
Vegan friendly & dairy free
Ethically sourced
Eco-consciously packaged


The chocolate used in this block has a unique tropical fruity flavour and aroma, and has an even sweeter origin story. This chocolate contains Vietnamese sourced cacao from Vietcacao, an organization that works closely with planter families in the Mekong Delta - selecting, fermenting, drying the cacao beans. Vietcacao employs disabled youth and facilitates connections between planters to aid the development of the Vietnamese cacao bean industry.


60% dark chocolate (organic peruvian cacao beans, australian raw sugar, soya lecithin), macadamia, licorice (molasses, flour, sugar, invert syrup, licorice root & raspberry powder, color), marshmallow (tapioca, sugar, carrageenan, vanilla, soy protein) waffle (flour, coconut oil, sugar, oat fibre, salt)