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Dark, Malt Crunch Vegan Chocolate

Planet Cocoa 60% Dark, Gold Crunch Chocolate


There is a well-known saying that less is more. This is Planet Cocoa’s most simple chocolate block. It’s simply perfect.

While testing some recipes (for something completely unrelated), Planet Cocoa made this caramelised chocolate crunch and nostalgia hit... hang on, this tastes like milo!

Dark chocolate made with peruvian cacao packed with this caramelised chocolate crunch. Tastes malty but please note this does not contain any malt products.

Gluten + nut free
Dairy free + vegan
Ethically sourced
Eco-consciously packaged


60% dark chocolate (organic Peruvian cacao beans, Australian raw sugar, soya lecithin), Australian caster sugar, water.

Gluten + nut + dairy free
Vegan friendly
Ethically sourced
Eco-consciously packaged
This block weighs 55g