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Cycle Self Care Box


Just the gift for a someone who needs a little extra love at that time of the month.


This beautiful mini self care box includes the perfect self care products for someone who needs some loving during their moon cycle. Surprise your loved ones with a self care box filled with our Cycle bath salts, Floral Infused Jojoba Oil and Self Love Essential Oil Roller to help them ease any pain and discomfort and treat themselves to a little moon cycle self care.


Included in this little self care box are:

- Cycle Botanical Salt Soak Test Tube
- Floral Infused Jojoba Oil 50mL
- Self Love Essential Oil Roller
- Beautifully gift wrapped in an eco friendly gift box with kraft heart gift tag and wax seal


A Little Self Care Cycle Botanical Salt Soak was designed with your moon cycle in mind to help ease any stomach cramps and body aches. Infused with Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang to envelope you in their rich aromas and melt away any period pains.

Fill your bath or foot bath with warm water and sprinkle your desired amount of bath salts into the water. Dim the lights, choose your favourite meditation or the 'A Little Self Care - Cycle' playlist on Spotify to unwind, soak and relax.


A Little Self Care Floral Infused Jojoba Oil is the floral scented luxe version of our classic Jojoba Oil. For those who want the benefits of Jojoba with luxurious notes of Rose and Jasmine.

This multi functional oil can be applied all over the body. Use as a make up remover, cleanser, facial moisturiser, body oil, bath oil, stretch mark prevention, lip balm, cuticle oil and hair treatment. Infused with floral botanicals for a heavenly scent.


self love. essential oil blend has been created with the intention of self-care. It is now more important than ever to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health.

Apply: to pressure points and inhale deeply, remembering to take time out to focus on yourself.


All of our Self Care Boxes are packaged in a recyclable cardboard gift box which is filled with water dissolvable and compostable packaging peanuts, compostable wood wool (if you don't have a composter, this and the packaging peanuts can also be placed in to your green bin).


This beautifully gift wrapped self care box is finished off with twine and a seeded paper thank you card is included, which is made of handmade seeded paper that you can plant following your purchase and flowers will bloom.


A complementary kraft paper heart gift tag and stunning wax seal is included and you can also add on the gift card of your choice to include a gift message.