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Christmas Bonbons Chocolate Box

Planet Cocoa Christmas Bonbons Chocolate Box


12 pack of artisan chocolate bonbons including 4 Christmas inspired flavours. Twelve little bites, if rationed with enough self-control will last until Christmas day!


Gingerbread s’more
Mulled wine
Banana caramel pie
Mint creme crunch

dairy free, vegan friendly
some flavours contain gluten + nuts so if you or your recipient have allergies, this box is not recommended.
packed in a recyclable eco-friendly box


Gingerbread s’more bonbon

Toasted marshmallow with crumbled housemade ginger shortbread.

Banana caramel rum pie

If the little drummer boy grows up, he will love this banana caramel rum pum-
pum-pa pie! Gooey banana caramel spiked with spiced rum inside a nutty white chocolate shell and oat pie crumble. 

Mulled wine

Blackcurrant chocolate ganache and mulled wine gel inside a dark chocolate shell. Mulled wine made with preservative free vegan friendly grenache and mulled with oranges, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, rosemary and star anise.

Mint creme crunch

Think of the best peppermint candy cane but now make it chocolatey. Mint crunch bonbon with a pop of green on the outer dark chocolate shell and filled with a vanilla bean cream mint filling and malt crunch.


Gingerbread s’more
Mulled wine
Banana caramel pie
Mint creme crunch

dairy free 
some flavours contain gluten
contains nuts
vegan friendly
ethically sourced
eco-consciously packaged
this block weighs 70g