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Bamboo Velvet Reusable Face Wipes

A Little Self Care Bamboo Velvet Reusable Face Wipes


Made from a luxurious bamboo velvet material these gentle wipes carefully help remove makeup, cleanse your face and can be used with toner.


This pack contains:

- 5 face wipes

- 1 netted cotton wash/carry bag


Perfect to use removing makeup and cleansing your face with our Jojoba Oil and to wipe off our Mineral Mask with. They also come in Mineral Mask Kit as a bundle & save option


These face wipes are the perfect addition to a waste free beauty regime. Use them for removing makeup, cleansing your face, or as toning pads.


Good for you and the planet!


Made from a soft bamboo velvet material, they are biodegradable and anti microbial.


Our wipes are larger than the usual bamboo reusable face wipes measuring at 10cm in diameter.


After using, place your pads in the cotton mesh bag (included) and add them to your next load of laundry.


Machine washable, line dry.